Not all fan coil units are made the same!

By Oliver on January 16th, 2015
20 Fenchurch Street

20 Fenchurch Street

Diffusion recently supplied over 2000 of their Eco H270 ec/dc fan coil units to the ultra-modern 20 Fenchurch project, nicknamed the Walkie-Talkie because of its distinctive shape.

The joint-development between Land Securities and Canary Wharf Group specified an extremely low specific fan power (SFP) requirement of 0·19W/l/s.

This specific fan power of 0·19W/l/s was to be achieved at an external system pressure of 30 Pascal, and at NR35 with all units running.

Project specific witness testing demonstrated that specific fan powers of 0·14 to 0·17W/l/s would be achieved, and all accomplished within the NR35 noise requirements on standard model selections without oversizing.

Diffusion provided Volumetric, Acoustic and Thermal performance factory witness testing to Land Securities, Canary Wharf Group, Hilson Moran, Chapman Bathurst, Atelier Ten and MH Associates; demonstrating that all unit selections met or exceeded the specified requirements.

Fan coil performance validation at Diffusion is conducted in accordance with:

BS 848-1, BS EN ISO 5801 Air Volume flow rate.

BS 4856-4  Acoustic Performance.

BS 4856-3 Thermal Performance.

The superior SFP figures achieved with standard selections by Diffusion’s Eco H270 ec/dc fan coil clearly demonstrate the benefits of combining carefully considered components and the results of working sedulously with leading fan and motor manufacturers to provide a more efficient product.

Diffusion fan coils – not all fan coil units are made the same.