New Eclipse Air Curtain

By Oliver on February 3rd, 2014

DSC04090The Diffusion Eclipse recessed air curtain has been designed for a vertical concealed application where the client does not want to see a unit within the area. The unit shall be vertical mounted within a recess/bulkhead construction only showing the discharge & the optional return air grille.

The chassis shall be manufactured from heavy gauge galvanised mild steel sheet, with burr free edges and a natural finish, formed and strengthened to provide a rigid and distortion free construction.

Diffusion has recently supplied two Eclipse air curtains for a vertical concealed installation at 2 Waterhouse Square (Pictured above), where they have been discreetly hidden behind the reception walls, with only the discharge air grille on show. The air curtains are mounted on both sides of the main entrance and quietly ensure a comfortable environment within the elegant reception lobby.


  • Concealed installation.
  • Compact design.
  • Available in electric, LPHW or ambient.
  • Grille can be supplied in a large range of colours.
  • Energy saving controls option available.

Please download the Eclipse literature for more information.

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