NEW – ACTIV Fan Coils

By John on March 1st, 2011

Based on the Established and successful Highline range of Diffusion Fan Coils the new ACTIV models capitalise on the functionality provided by the latest generation of EC/DC fans, and pressure independent balancing valves. They provide a real “plug and play” fan coil solution.

Key Design Objectives for the ACTIV fan coil:

  • realise the benefits of EC/DC motors and PI valves
  • offer real improvements over earlier products
  • protect investment with a ‘future proof’ design
  • deliver flexibility.

Keeping the ACTIV’s in-built speed control options uncomplicated ticked all these boxes.

ACTIV fancoils:

  • use only proprietary OEM components
  • do not rely on any 3rd party software for their functionality
  • are capable of integration with all makes of fan coil controls
  • are factory set to achieve design airflow duty even when no temperature controls are fitted.

By matching each fan to an outlet duct the ACTIV fan coil provides the capability to individually set each duct air volume. System volumetric balance is then achieved either manually by single point motor speed control with the MV version, or automatically using the fan motor’s integrated technology with the CV version.

All ACTIV fan coil models remove the necessity for duct mounted VCD’s; providing installation cost savings, improved operating efficiency and remove a potential source of noise generation from the system.

The fitting of true pressure independent balance and control valves to the heating and cooling coil circuits allow the design water flow rates to be factory set, while remaining readily adjustable. No specialist equipment is needed should future adjustment be required after installation.

Like to know more? Contact us for more information about the new Diffusion ACTIV Fan Coils.