HVAC Refurbishment: A cost-effective alternative to replacement

Maintaining the efficiency and performance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

As HVAC equipment ages, it loses efficiency. Running costs grow, reliability decreases and occupants suffer.

Meanwhile technology marches on, offering improvements in cost, efficiency and reliability. Often it seems that replacement is the only, (if expensive and disruptive) strategy.  Happily there is an alternative:

Refurbishment: an attractive alternative to replacement

Diffusion offers an attractive alternative to HVAC replacement. One that minimises cost and disruption, yet delivers the efficiency, low running costs and environmental friendliness of new equipment.

This alternative involves targeted repair, refurbishment and/or upgrade of existing Air Movement equipment to bring it into line with current performance standards and regulations. Followed up by preventative maintenance and service for peace of mind and continuing efficiency.

Our West Molesey manufacturing facility and our dedicated specialist service team give us an unrivalled ability to fit your requirements for such Air Movement projects. We draw on a vast menu of design and service capabilities, including:

  • component repair and replacement
  • unit refurbishment and upgrade
  • noise control
  • energy-efficient design and modification
  • provision of controls and control panels, integrated or standalone
  • electrical design
  • non-disruptive AHU replacement using flat-pack units.

Here at Diffusion we also supply spares for fan coil units that are no longer being manufactured i.e.

  • Energy Technique
  • Airtech
  • Fecon
  • ATT
  • Atholl
  • Benson
  • Induscool
  • Decima

and many more ..

EC Motors – energy efficient, quiet and long-lived

In refurbishment projects we can often upgrade the AC motors in existing equipment with new electronically commutated (EC) models.  EC benefits can be significant, and easy to achieve.  They include:

  • high efficiency and energy saving
  • cooler operation
  • efficient speed control
  • extended motor life resulting from lower running temperatures
  • longer bearing life thanks to soft-start.

EC motors connect directly to an AC mains supply, and a typical EC installation of 500 units can save 61 tonnes of CO2 per year.

 A risk-free first step: the Site Survey

Could such a project be appropriate for you? A site survey can help the decision. As well as establishing the location and condition of equipment, It also lets us establish the feasibility, budgetary cost and benefits of HVAC refurbishment versus replacement. It’s a simple first step that could lead you to significant savings.

If you’ve been contemplating replacement, why not give us a call on +44 (0)20 8783 0033, drop a line to diffusion@etenv.co.uk or fill in our contact form