Louis Vuitton

VUITTONAt a glance

  • LOCATION: Clifford Street, London
  • PRODUCT: Air Curtain
  • TYPE: Eclipse
  • CONSULTANT: Mott McDonald, Square Metre
  • CLIENT: Franklynair


Louis Vuitton required a discreet concealed vertical air curtain for the main reception foyer at their UK HQ in Clifford Street, London.

To meet the requirements of this project, Diffusion worked closely with Mott MacDonald, Square Metre & BNP Paribas to ensure the high specification requirement was achieved on the entrance foyer.

Diffusion provided one 2600mm high LPHW Eclipse air curtain that was mounted into the wall at the side of the entrance. The Eclipse recessed air curtain has been designed for a vertical concealed application where the client does not want to see a unit within the area.