Harrods Santi Thai Restaurant

At a glance

  • LOCATION: Knightsbridge
  • PRODUCT: Fan Coil Units
  • TYPE: Highline 260i Waterside
  • CLIENT: Harrods
  • CONTRACTOR: Cool Air Technology


Diffusion were the obvious choice for Harrods, when they needed cooling equipment for their busy new Santi Thai Restaurant, situated on the second floor of the famous Knightsbridge store. Diffusion Highline Waterside 260i fan coil units were chosen, to provide an effective solution to the problems that manifest themselves when large amounts of heat are being generated and space is at a premium.

The Highline can provide extremely effective cooling levels, and can be installed in either a ceiling or floor void. With a nominal depth of 260mm and available in five sizes, the Highline unit can be successfully integrated into almost any scheme, it is particularly suited to applications such as this restaurant where comfort conditions need to be maintained, whilst sustaining minimal noise intrusion.

  • Full sound power levels available
  • Simple to install
  • Multi tapped speed transformer for choice and control
  • Wide range of standard options available