Challenging Times Promote Innovation

By Oliver on June 3rd, 2013

eco-friendly-decorating-budget-wise-home-1200x1600As Diffusion enters its 53rd year in business like everyone else we have seen  several years of difficult trading in dire market conditions, business has been challenging. However as is the case difficult times often promote great ideas,  innovation and technical advancement.

At the beginning of the recession as a way to improve our efficiency and  competitiveness we invested heavily in new plant and manufacturing systems which has enabled us to produce a better quality product at a reduced cost which in turn has allowed us to compete positively both on quality and price.

Importantly at the same time we have invested in research and development, both in facilities and people. During this time we have developed several new products. Particularly the Solent fan coil specifically designed for high end residential projects and first used to supply the    prestigious One Hyde Park project. The Solent is now being supplied to numerous residential projects including the Shard residential along with our standard Fan Coils for office areas.

Our most exciting development at Diffusion is the new Highline 270 Eco fan coil unit.  Simply this fan coil is significantly more energy efficient than anything else currently on the market, saving up to 25% energy. The innovation is in the fan technology i.e. Sfp reducing from 0.2 to 0.16 for most individual FCU selections. The really good news is that this innovation comes at no extra cost benefitting our customers and end users.

The new 270 Eco fan coil will be available from April 2013. Please click here for more information on the new ECO 270 Range. To herald the new unit Diffusion will be running a series of in-house CPDS designed particularly to help younger engineers achieve a greater understanding of fan coils in the built environment.


One Hyde Park, London